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Опасное любопытство - Gripping Inter-Dimensional Travel Plot - Interesting Read

I had a fun chat with a long time friend, Anna, who is a Russian, about stories that captivated each other as children. We had a very few reads in common, like the Chronicles of Narnia. We understood our common love for sci-fiction stories in general. She narrated about her recent read in the same genre - Dangerous Curiosity(translated name). The title got me instantly curious enough to extract a gripping blurb and a little spoiler from her. I'd love presenting it to the readers of Random Tyms.

The Blurb:

In the quiet American city of Lincoln, the protagonist, a professor of Abstract Physics, Teodor Lepsky, enters into collaboration with an unusual group of researchers. Together they try to build a machine that will help them teleport through the layers of space. On the long-awaited, final day of the experiment, Professor Lepsky goes to the science centre and discovers that the centre is sealed off by the police. What started off as simple experiments on spatial displacement thickens into a much more complicated plot.

The Spoiler

Lepsky comes to know that the research group head and another member had teleported a day before. Evidence points to their involvement in an intraorbital crime along with terrorists belonging to another orbital. Their mission is simple - They plan to steal one apparatus that will destroy set up of the world as it is. Apparatus of Annier can totally stop the clone system. Lepsky has to prevent the terrorists of Orbital 8 from succeeding in their mission. He has no choice left because his failure can mean only this - The world will fall or change a lot.
Part I ends with Lepsky going to the Orbital-8 with a primordial creature called Sputnik to rescue Apparatus of Annier.

Who will love to read this?

Are you a lover of sci-fiction stories? "Dangerous Curiosity" is an excellent choice, a gripping read for both teen and mature audiences. Intricately woven around science and fantasy, it is one worthy addition to the best Interdimensional Travel stories written so far. I must add that for a debut novel, the author Olga Flint has put in a lot of groundwork to do justice to the scientific part of this science fiction. Currently, the novel is published in Russian only. We hope the author has plans to get it translated for eager English readers (like me) in future.
Can you read Russian? Check this out
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Great Sci-fiction plot - , - 4.3/ 5 stars

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