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Best Xiaomi Camera Phone - Picture Imperfect Guaranteed

I googled the trend "Best Xiaomi Camera Phone" and finally settled on my best option - Mi A1.
I purchased this mobile in all haste before my son's birth. I wanted to perfectly capture every little first-time achievement of his. I was in for total disappointment.

Why did I get MiA1?

This was their advertisement slogan - Mi A1. Picture Perfect Dual Camera. Created by Xiaomi, Powered by Google Flagship dual camera. I've added the shots taken by my Mi A1 mobile, Google must actually clarify if this is the flagship camera Quality.

How was MiA1?

I was in total shock. Other than video calling, for which the front camera is made use, I cannot simply make use of the rear camera (not even one, please don't mention dual). I don't think there is some problem with the hardware. Pictures are mediocre better when camera is used in Portrait mode.

What did I do about my faulty MiA1?

I complained on the Xiaomi India Facebook page. Yes, they replied that this problem will get resolved with next software update. But no, the problem persists till date, 6 months after the reply. 

What is going on with Xiaomi?

I recently read this - Apple, Samsung fined in Italy for "planned obsolescence" of phones. Then I wonder if illegal steps are followed by Xiaomi too, to force customers to buy new phones sooner than they would have. Does India have any such functional Department that tests these faults? Are we being fooled around with these crazy names and glossy mobile cases?

How will Xiaomi respond to this?

My biggest question now is how can Xiaomi make up my loss? Whatever very true reason Xiaomi can offer now for this mistake, can my son repeat his first-time shaky turnover or his first-time very unsteady crawl again?

If you can buy a costly mobile phone and afford to use it only for 3 months, then just go ahead and buy these mobiles but please let me know. I always wanted to meet the Tatas, Birlas & Ambanis.

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