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Blue Whale Challenge: Deadly Experiment EXPOSED

Once a person begins playing this game, there can be no looking back. Dangerous? No! DEADLY. Example? Carve a ‘Whale’ on your arm with a blade at 4:20 am and send a picture. Worst News? This game is getting VIRAL.

Blue Whales Scenario

A depressed teen comes across a social media group called Blue Whales. This group encourages him to take his own life. They promise to make his exit from this depressing world into a thrilling, fun game.
After signing up, the teenager is assigned one task a day for the next 50 days. The task keeps getting tougher with each passing day. On the last (50th day), the game admin asks the youngster to commit suicide.
He may want to back out on the last day. Life of their closest family members are threatened. He gets no choice but to simply abide by the game rules. There is no exit.

Truth behind the Game

  • The victims may have gotten involved with the game out of curiosity.
  • The moderator questions their competence, and connects the tasks to their self-esteem.
  • They psychologically manipulate players to indulge in daring, self-destructive tasks for 50 days.
  • Task includes inflicting self-harm, watch horror and psychic movies, waking up at odd hours to execute the task, carving a whale shape on the arms and so on.
  • Each task must be filmed and shared as "proof".
  • Completing each challenge builds victim's self-esteem and gives them an adrenaline boost.
  • The gamer wants to progress and become part of the elite group.
  • Before he knows it, the task become an extreme one - the final "winning" step of killing themselves.

How to play Blue Whale?

Blue Whale Challenge is not found on Google or even on a Facebook group. According to the news reports it exists only in closed groups and in private message conversations. The game administrators are said to choose their victims rather than the players themselves seeking out the game.

Why is it getting viral?

Exposure to such content is extremely dangerous for depressed young people.
If someone tells a depressed person that all is not lost and that there is still hope, they may not get psychologically boosted. Instead if they say, he is fit to die and there is nothing wrong is seeking liberation through suicide, an easier and logical way out. He can immediately relate to it. 
This has made the extremely game - go viral and get addictive.

Are you Ready for Reality check?

■ Meeting a Stranger online? Watch out for hidden intentions.
■ Going through a lonely phase? Go to friends, family, counsellors for solace, not the Internet
■ Driven to take impulsive decisions? Strictly say no to Challenges or Dares.
■ Getting confused between Online & Reality? Internet is a virtual world brimming with dangers.

What are the Warning signs?

Here are some warning signs to watch out for.
■ Difficulty in controlling emotions & Frequent outbursts of anger
■ Fluctuations in mood & Becoming secretive.
■ Irritated when the game is taken away & Addicted to social media.
■ Disinterest in daily life & Withdrawal from favourite activities.
■ Fragile self-esteem & Marks of self-harm on the body. 
■ Difficulty in Sleeping, Lethargy & Tiredness.

Is someone around you seemingly heading into the vortex of self-harm? Please find them & save them.

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