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Rummy Circle Offer: 1st Time in India - Unlimited & Unending Bonus

Having a housefull, with all your friends around, is a grand way to spend a weekend. Playing card games, with your circle of rummy pals is absolute fun and nothing else can substitute that excitement. If that's the case, why shouldn’t you try playing rummy online with the same rummy circle, sitting anywhere, at any time?
Make Deccan Rummy your online hub to play rummy with your friends and the best part - Get rewarded for it!

To download all app versions for Mobile/PC, visit this page - Deccan Rummy app FREE download.

Refer Friends X Reap Rewards

You can now invite your rummy loving friends for cash prizes. Bring in more friends and Cash in huge bonus! The more friends you refer, the more money you can earn. DeccanRummy is India’s 1'st rummy portal to offer you a lifetime earning potential. The earning is unlimited and unending.

Refer only Once - Earn for Life

Deccan Rummy has made the 'Refer a friend' bonus available to all their players. Have you ever heard of WiN-WiN situation?
Hear now -
The player wins - Player X refers his Friend Y and receives his Referral Bonus - Not once | Not Twice || for your entire Lifetime.
You get 10% of your friends winning fees as bonus for life. That’s awesome, right?
DeccanRummy wins - DeccanRummy.com adds Player Y and expands its player base. Isn't this cool?

How to Refer a Friend in Deccan Rummy?

All you need to do is import your friends' address list from your email or enter your friends' email IDs manually and refer them. An invitation will be sent to your friends' email along with a referral link (SRL) unique to you.

Remember this Bonus scheme will work only when your friend registers using the unique referral link sent by you and plays cash rummy games. You only have to make sure that your friends' use your link (SRL) to register a Deccan Rummy account.


Step 1: Log into your account and click on Refer-And-Earn Tab
Step 2: Find both the options - Webmail Share and Social Share.
Step 3: Click on “Click here to share via Email”. Either import contacts by logging into your Gmail account or manually enter your friends’ email addresses and click on send.
Step 3: Refer your friends through our social share feature by clicking on Social media (Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Linkedin)
Step 4: Friend registers on Deccanrummy.com, using the link provided in the social media profiles.
Step 5: As he starts playing cash rummy games, you will be eligible for the bonus.

Terms and Conditions

1. Refer a Friend promotion is limited to one account per customer.
2. The friend you invite must not already be a player at Deccan Rummy.
3. Your referred friend or friends must meet all mandatory requirements.
4. The bonus amount is only applicable when your friends register and play cash games at DeccanRummy.
5. A user cannot avail the bonus if he plays the game against his circle of referred friends
6. You must ensure that people whom you refer are atleast 18 years old and do not access our games from restricted locations (Assam, Odisha, and Telangana)

Earn your Referral Bonus

From the time, your friend registers at Deccan Rummy, you can start earning 10% bonus. As your friend continues to play cash rummy games and wager money, cash bonus chunks will start accumulating in your account. Isn't this a great scheme to earn big money by only referring your friends at DeccanRummy?

Here’s how you can earn your bonus at DeccanRummy.com -
  • 1. Click on Referral Bonus under Refer-A-Friend tab
  • 2. Total Bonus points indicate the total points available after redemption
  • 3. Pending Bonus points are the number of bonus eligible for redemption. Please note that a minimum 1000 points are required to process a redeem
  • 4. The released Bonus Points indicates the number of Bonus points that have been redeemed
  • 5. Players can redeem their referral bonus by entering the number of points they wish to redeem (min 1000 points) in the box provided and click on Redeem.
Note: Once you earn 1000 referral points, you will be eligible to redeem it. 1000 referral points will give Rs.100 to your account.

Invite all your friends to DeccanRummy.com. Share the joys of playing rummy. Enjoy winning Bulky Bonuses online!

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